Vampyres in the Blood Saga have certain characteristics that set them apart from humans, some of which include appearance and styles of clothing.

Appearance Edit


A Vampyres' eyes can change colour as they age when is shown if they switch their forms, their eye colour are used to tell how powerful a vampyre is.

  • Orange = Fledgling
  • Crimson = Vampyre
  • Black = Elder


Their skin is pale like marble but after feeding during the night the color to their human tone for a day.


The only way a human becomes a vampyre is when a human is drained of their blood they are fed on their sirer's blood mixed with the human's own blood turning them into Half- Vampyre the only way they can fully transform is to die a human death and be brought across into the World of Blood.


Vampyres have all the same abilities due to them using their sire's memories to learn about how to be a Vampyre


Vampyres can live like a immortal if they keep out of trouble.


Vampyres' cells can regenerate very quickly if harmed by human weapons, their cells regenerate much slowly if attacked with silver weapons such as (bullets or bladed weapons)

Incredible accuracyEdit

Their vision is much sharper than any human its documented that they can see a mile and half in distance before they need a scope.

Superhuman sensesEdit

Like their vision their senses are improved, they can smell things like a bloodhound dog, they can hear very quiet sounds even things which are dampened.

Superhuman strengthEdit

Vampyres have the strength of 8 heavyweight wrestlers combined in one.

Superhuman speedEdit

Their speed can reach upto 30 mph (kmh)


Depending on their Vampyric age their weaknesses can't kill them only it just affects their abilities but with these combined with human weapons then it can kill a Vampyre.

  • Silver
  • Dead Man's Blood

Some weaknesses vary on the clan of the vampyre, the most common type of Vampyre is scared of Holy items or sunlight but Jared reads that if a vampyre believes it strongly enough their bodies accept the weakness.

Special talents/abilitiesEdit

Their talents from their human life would develop after their embrace, each differ for each Vampyre.

Similarities to the traditional vampire legendEdit

Like other vampires they need to drink blood to survive, they need to be invited in before they can walk into a human's home and the human can reject the invitation making them unable to enter, if they are staked they don't die just get paralyzed unlike traditional vampire legends they can walk in daylight.


Vampyres have enemies their number one enemy is the Vedlers , there has been rumors that Werewolves and new born Hunters also are enemies of Vampyres but no sign has been told in Leonhart

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