Steam's Blood
Brass and Blood2
Author J I Jones
Cover artist J I Jones
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series The World of Blood Saga
Subject(s) Fiction
Genre(s) Noir
Publisher TBD
Publication date TBD
Pages TBD
Preceded by A Bullet At A Time
Steam's Blood is the third and main part of Brass and Blood. It is a short story based around a group of vampyres fight to protect what is left of humanity. There are eight main characters named Jared Leonhart, Lee Plisskin,Josh Riley, Desmond Cross, Karen Redfield, Sophia Santiago,Jasper Leonhart and Logan Castle. Steam's Blood is spoken in first person from different characters explaining their history and how they are connected to Jared Leonhart.

Plot summaryEdit

All the characters have a tragic past but they join forces to find out who had ruined their lives.

Part 1 - The Birth of The FallenEdit

Part1 explains the history of Jared,Josh,Desmond and introduces Logan.

Part 2 - Return to RosedaleEdit

Part 2 talks about how the Fallen return to Rosedale but introduces the enemies.

Part 3 - The AlliancesEdit

Part 3 is the phase where the Factions pick who to side with and who they'll attack.

Part 4 - Rosedale Declared a War ZoneEdit

Part 4 is the war of The Fallen and The Velders but it leads to the death of one.


The Cover represents the Journal of Leonhart with some blood and steam drenched in the cover whilst the symbol of The Fallen Archs is embossed

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