Kyle Tesla JrEdit

Kyle Tesla Jr is the son of Kyle Tesla Sr who helped fight in the battle of Whitby during the 1890's Kyle helped build Ravenham and raised Jared's Grandmother

Eva SaxEdit

Eva Sax is the adopted Sire of Josh Riley and they became lovers.


Cain Tesla Edit

Cain Tesla is the younger brother of Jared Leonhart. Not much is known about him other than he is one of the causes to Claire's first death.


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Darrell CooperEdit

Darrell Cooper is the father of Claire Cooper and he is a Paladin, he was involved with the War of The Fallen.At the Battle of Rosedale he managed to Kill Damien but there is more about him Jared never knew.

Wyatt CooperEdit

Wyatt Cooper is the father of Darrell Cooper, he became a Grand Arch in the Paladins and was a dear friend of Jared's. He sadly passed away a day after Jared came to see him.


Sheryl PattinsonEdit

Sheryl Pattinson is the mother of Claire Cooper and she is a Velder, she was abandoned by her mother and left in a church where she was raised to be a Velder.


Godric ReaperEdit

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