Drenched in Blood
The Beginning Of Legends
Author J I Jones
Cover artist J I Jones
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series The World of Blood Saga
Subject(s) Fiction
Genre(s) Noir
Publisher TBD
Publication date TBD
Pages TBD
Followed by A Bullet at a Time

Drenched in Blood is the first part of Brass and Blood. It is a short story based around a vampire named Blake who comes back from the dead to hunt down his former friends. It is told from a third person's point of view with a little section after each chapters' end spoke from the point of view named Damien.

Plot summaryEdit

Blake was once a human as he grew up his life fell into darkness before he knew it his friends betrayed him and killed him, he rises up as a vampire and hunts everyone of them down.

Damien's Journal tells the story of Damien Blake's once friend now enemy as he follows after Blake.


The Cover represents the journal of Felix.