Clara Cooper
Biographical information

14th February 1991


Final: 6th June 2026

  • Cassandra Shephard
  • Mina
Physical description
  • Fallen Angel
  • Human




Hair color

Light Brown

Eye color

Light Blue

Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • Summon Thunder
  • Telekinesis
  • Hypnotize
Special abilities
  • Flight

The Fourth


Clara Cooper was born on 14th February 1991, she is a Fallen Angel and was once second in command of the Fourth


Early LifeEdit

Clara Cooper was born on 14th February 1991 into a catholic family, she grew up spending most of her young life in Church with her family she had the same powers as her father, she was sent to Rosedale High School at the age of 12. At the age of 13 she was involved in a bank robbery which she suffered an injury she was shot in the head but luckily she survived due to this she suffered from memory loss and the loss of her powers. On 6th May 2006 Clara, Zoey and Dante went on holiday Clara was brutally attacked by a group of Vampyres Dante was held back by one before he fought it off but was too late she was dead.


Main article: Leonhart

During the events of LeonHart her death is still felt around Rosedale, the family held the funeral the day Dante was pronounced dead by the Coalition's Forces, her father soon called the Coalition to find her murderer to which they replied he is dead.

For some strange reason she turned up in RavenHam.

She returns to Rosedale with amnesia under the name Cassandra Shephard and starts her new human life in Sixth Form like Jared's human life but after signs of the ghost of Rosedale following her she goes into hiding at BloodGrove.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Physical appearance.Edit

Not much is documented about Clara all that was mentioned was her hair and eye colour which were brown and a light blue.


Due to her upbringing she lived by the laws of the God and The Ways of Paladin, at the age of 11 she developed a taste for magic after her ordeal she still had the urge for magic.


Her favourite pistol is a Walther PPK which she found at the Płaszów concentration camp when she absorbed all the energy.
Fourth walther ppk

Clara's Walther PPK


Jared LeonhartEdit

Main Article: Jared Leonhart

Jared was her first and only love, during the time they spent together Jared became drifted from his family and so did Clara they thought Whitby would be the one place they could settle down Jared was going to marry Clara but Zoey had other plans which caused her Death.

Zoey HamiltonEdit

Main Article:Zoey Hamilton

Zoey was Clara's best mate soon Zoey betrayed Clara leading to her death.

Damien HainesEdit

Main Article: Damien Haines

Damien was introduced to Clara when she came back to life by Tina, they decided to become lovers the more time they spent together to more Clara lost her humanity as a final act to save Jared and herself she shoots Damien ending their relationship.



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