A Bullet at a Time
A Bullet At A Time
Author J I Jones
Cover artist J I Jones
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series The World of Blood Saga
Subject(s) Fiction
Genre(s) Noir
Publisher TBD
Publication date TBD
Pages TBD
Preceded by Drenched in Blood
Followed by Steam's Blood
A Bullet at a Time is the second part of Brass and Blood. It is a short story based around a vampire hunter named Jack Corvis who meets a girl which is suddenley attacked by a vampire leaving Jack alive who grows up and hunts em down but someone comes back which changes his world. A Bullet at a Time is spoke from Jack's point of view.

Plot summaryEdit

Jack and Jenny went out on a date before being attacked by a Vampire leaving Jack badly injured is found by the government who hire him as a Vampire Hunter, after 2 years he goes rouge and hunts Vampires but Jenny comes back as a Vampire and the only thing he can do is protect her from his former employer.


The Cover represents Jack's journal with the embossed logo of The Blood Elite.